Hybrid Images Gallery
View a selction of hybrid images that illustrate the ability of the visual system to separate information coming from different spacial frequency channels.

Ce que peut le cerveau
Short PowerPoint presentation illustrating a few spectactular illusions (French only).

International Society for Psychophysics (ISP)
The objectives of the Society shall be the furtherance of theoretical and applied research and teaching and the encouragement of international communication and cooperation within the field of psychophysics.

Société québécoise pour la Recherche en Psychologie (SQRP)
Société québécoise pour la Recherche en Psychologie works to promote research in all areas of psychology and brings together French-speaking researchers for the purposes of public-based psychology research and education rather than scientific psychology research (French only).

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
The Association’s objectives are to improve the health and welfare of all Canadians; to promote excellence and innovation in psychological research, education, and practice; to promote the advancement, development, dissemination, and application of psychological knowledge; and to provide high-quality services to members.

Canadian Society for Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science (BBCS)
CSBBCS seeks to develop and maintain effective lines of communication with the major federal and provincial funding agencies and science ministries with a view to influencing science policy and funding in Canada, particularly with respect to experimental psychology and behavioural neuroscience. We also seek to promote the value of research in experimental psychology and behavioural neuroscience in the eyes of the general public through the popular and scientific press and other public venues, and to increase communication within our own research community by means of newsletters, electronic networks, and an annual meeting. 

Fonds de recherche sur la nature et les technologies du Québec (Fonds FCAR/NATEQ)
Reporting to the Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, the Fonds Nature et Technologies promotes and develops research, disseminates the knowledge stemming from research, and fosters research training primarily in the field of natural sciences and engineering.

72 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
An illusion-packed website that introduces you to some amazing perceptual phenomena.

Another illusion-packed website that introduces you to some amazing perceptual phenomena (French only).

Mighty Optical Illusion
Another illusion-packed website that introduces you to some amazing perceptual phenomena.

Psychonomic Society
The Psychonomic Society promotes the communication of scientific research in psychology and allied sciences. Its members are qualified to conduct and supervise scientific research, must hold the PhD degree or equivalent, and must have published significant research other than the doctoral dissertation. Society membership is now around 2,500. The main function of the Society is to exchange information among scientists.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
NSERC’s role is to make investments in people, discovery and innovation for the benefit of all Canadians. We invest in people by supporting some 23,000 university students and postdoctoral fellows in their advanced studies. We promote discovery by funding more than 11,000 university professors every year. And we help make innovation happen by encouraging about 1,300 Canadian companies to invest in university research and training. 

American Psychological Society
To promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, application, and the improvement of human welfare.

Psychology Online Ressource Central
Online resources for psychology students and their professors

American Psychological Association (APA)
The object of the American Psychological Association shall be to advance psychology as a science and profession and as a means of promoting human welfare by the encouragement of psychology in all its branches in the broadest and most liberal manner the promotion of research in psychology and the improvement of research methods and conditions.1) The improvement of the qualifications and usefulness of psychologists through high standards of ethics, conduct, education, and achievement. 2) The establishment and maintenance of the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct of the members of the association. 3) The increase and diffusion of psychological knowledge through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, and publications. 4) Thereby to advance scientific interests and inquiry, and the application of research findings to the promotion of the public welfare.

Wacky Eye Glasses Fun Visual Tricks & Optical Illusion

Learning about Monochromacy and More

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